How to remove soot from pots?

Few days ago I completed a 3 days cycling trip to Ubin island. On the island campfire are allowed presenting a good opportunity to cook over wood fire. I was excited with the chance as only stoves were allowed on all of my recent trips.

It was a great experience to cook over the fire after such a long time. However I wasn’t prepared for what accompanied with wood fire cooking. The Snowpeak titanium stove was covered in soot on its side and at the bottom stained with thick sticky tar like gunk. At the campsite, tried removing the stains with water to no avil. Next I used the titanium spoon to scrap the layer of grime, the process was slow and most of the it remained.

Once home I tried cleaning it with soap, no success. A few methods are suggested online, one of it involves cranking the oven on a high temp and burning the soot off. Another method calls for a strong oven cleaner. I went out brought a good over cleaning brand, no success again. It managed to clear majority of the stains out but the pot is still black with soot stains. Close to giving up and accepting the state of pot, I gave another look at my kitchen cleaning cabinet.


Found a bottle of Kleen King cleaner for copper and stainless steel in powder form. On the bottle it describes the cleaner to be able to remove tarnish and stains quickly. Non toxic, biodegradable and gentle on the hands. To use it, mix a small amount of cleaner with water and apply on the mental surface. I just my fingers to rub it on the surface, washed the surface with water and VIOLA, I see the original titanium surface. I cleaned the whole pot inside and outside, in no time the snowpeak 700 looked sparkling new. There were burnt rice stain from other trips and they were cleaned out easily so well.

From now on, I’m definitely keeping a bottle of Kleen King cleaner available at home and looking forward to more wood fire cooking.


Once again, Kleen King cleaner works perfectly cleaning out grime on titanium pot and pans. No tough scrubbing, no steel pads, no scratches to pot, no oven required, no equipment required. Highly recommended!


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